4 Ways VPS Hosting Benefits Bloggers

Selecting the right type of hosting factors into a blog’s potential for success. Shared and dedicated hosting might be the two most commonly known, but bloggers shouldn’t overlook virtual private server (VPS) hosting, which combines elements of shared and dedicated. Here are four reasons why VPS hosting may be a solid choice for your blog:

Top 5 reasons to choose a web hosting service

Choosing a web hosting service provider is different for different people. Every business has its own unique set of needs. As a business owner, you should a web hosting service that provides the needs you require that are specific to your business needs. However, there are some things you should look for when choosing a VPS hosting provider. Here are three of them.

5 Key Differences between Cloud Servers and Hosted VPS

For most system users, cloud hosting seems identical to VPS hosting. This is, however, one of the cases where appearances are deceiving. Both cloud and VPS hosts have software environments and methods for access. While it is technically correct to call a cloud-hosted server a VPS, a virtual private server cannot be called a cloud server. To help you tell these two apart, here is a detailed review of the five key differences between cloud servers and hosted VPS.

Top 4 Tips for Choosing a Web Host Service

When setting up your website, one of the most important decisions that you make is choosing a web service. The wide range of hosting services and packages available in the today’s marketplace can leave you wondering whether you are able to pick the right hosting company. Ideally, you need a host that can provide an up-time of 99.95 percent and higher, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting to take care of all your business needs. This article gives you the criteria that you need to consider.

Technology Cartoon With Firewall For Technological Devices

Why The DNS Firewall Is Such A Critical Security Tool

More and more hackers are using “Trojan horse” domain names to attack enterprises. Far too many Canadian companies have learned firsthand about the dangers of hacker attacks. Some of the most daring hackers utilize inherent vulnerabilities in domain name service (DNS). Shockingly, many Canadian companies do not even keep DNS logs to monitor incoming DNS traffic. Security experts www.bluecatnetworks.com/a> believe that most North American enterprises are currently vulnerable to DNS-based theft of data. Thankfully, it is more affordable than ever for you to protect your organization’s data with a DNS firewall.