4 Ways VPS Hosting Benefits Bloggers

Selecting the right type of hosting factors into a blog’s potential for success. Shared and dedicated hosting might be the two most commonly known, but bloggers shouldn’t overlook virtual private server (VPS) hosting, which combines elements of shared and dedicated. Here are four reasons why VPS hosting may be a solid choice for your blog:

1. A set amount of CPU time is dedicated to you and your blog.

CPU refers to processing resources. Once the allocation of CPU resources is reached, a website or blog runs into operational problems. On a dedicated server, you have all the CPU to yourself. However, this type of hosting costs a lot more than shared hosting.

With a shared system, CPU might be drained by other users on the server. Bloggers may want a combination of dedicated CPU and lower costs. Virtual private server hosting might be best for these bloggers. A certain amount of CPU can only be used by one client and the remaining CPU would be shared.

2. Other clients won’t create troubles.

The activities of other clients on the same server may create issues for a blogger on the same server. With VPS hosting, clients do have the peace of mind that activities performed by others on the server won’t negatively affect them. For example, another client on the server may generate far more traffic than the server can handle. With VPS hosting, protection may be in place to keep other clients safe from going offline in such a scenario. This would be another example of how dedicated hosting elements integrate into a virtual private server plan.

3. The blogger can choose the software and operating system to use.

Being totally at the mercy of the web hosting company’s decisions on software and operating system selections may not be too bad. The hosting service does want to be sure all clients are happy with how the hosting experience goes. Not all clients, however, will be thrilled with the chosen OS and software. Bloggers hoping to reach massive audiences might prefer different choices in OS and software programs.

The client may choose a particular OS with a much lower risk threshold for viruses and denial of service attacks. Fears over security breaches or, worse, dealing with security breaches creates unwanted hassles for the blogger. Picking both preferred software and an equally preferred OS might dramatically cut down on worries.

4. Load times may be much quicker than shared hosting.

Visitors to blogs and websites don’t like to wait for pages to load. If they wait too long, the traffic might go elsewhere. With VPS hosting, load times run quicker. For bloggers worried about losing traffic, access to faster load times remains a huge positive.

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